Sills, Hearthstones, Trimstones and Keystones add the architectural details to outline any project.

Cream Accessories

  • Image of cream Trimstone
  • Image of cream Hearthstone
  • Image of cream Keystone

Golden Accessories

  • Image of golden Trimstone
  • Image of golden Hearthstone
  • Image of golden Keystone

Buff Accessories

  • Image of buff Trimstone
  • Image of buff Hearthstone
  • Image of buff Keystone

Indiana Rock Face Sill

  • Image of Indiana Rock Face Sill

Desert Rock Split Face Sill

  • Image of Desert Rock Split Face Sill

All trimstones, hearthstones and keystones: 1" thick

Accessory Packaging
  • Sills
  • 80 per crate
  • Hearthstones
  • 30 per crate
  • Trimstones
  • 20 per crate
  • Keystones
  • 4 per box