• 10 Square Ft. per Box (approx)
  • 100 Square Ft. per Crate
  • 180 Square Ft. per Crate ( approx)
  • 10 Linear Ft. per Box (approx)
  • 100 Linear Ft. per Crate (approx)
  • Ledgestone and Dimensional Ledgestone Collections are packaged for tight fit installation.
  • All other collections packaged using a 1/2" mortar joint.
  • Because NSVI is a natural stone product, shades may vary. For best results of color and texture, work from as many packages as possible.
  • The depictions of stone color and texture shown on this website will vary from monitor to monitor. For more accurate color, please request a printed catalog.

Shown here is a full pallet of boxed material (10 square ft. flats, or 10 linear ft. of corners in 20 boxes). A full pallet of boxed material can hold 200 square ft. of flats, 200 linear ft. of corners.

Effective March 1st, 2014, Bronze and Platinum Ledgestone boxes contain 10 square ft. or 10 linear ft. Crated material available in varying quantities for many products. Call for details.

Another Packing image

Large crates can hold up to 200 square ft. of material, and some products are bagged for easier distribution around the job site.